Billy & Mandy save Dead Meat
The aptly named puppet webseries Dead Meat was nearly just that. The crowdfunded project was far short of its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter so with just 24 hours to go, creator Maxwell Atoms begrudgingly offered donators his personal stash of Bill & Mandy swag. Rare items like in-house promotional pillows, original background key art, signed posters and uncut tarot cards offered at only at Comic Con helped put it over the top. Atoms says the sacrifice was worth it but he didn’t actually think it would work.

“I feel sort of like I came to the Oscars without a speech and won, and also forgot my pants,” he said in a thank you video. “I was so not prepared for this. There literally was an entirely different video that was going to go up this morning.”

Despite the success, Atoms says the experience was too stressful to do again but thankfully he won’t have to.