Doctor Who fans experience The Last Day on Gallifrey (Arcadia)
There’s a new Doctor Who mini-episode titled the “The Last Day” that puts you on the front line of the Time War: Gallifrey, the home planet of the Time Lords. A new recruit is equipped with a head-comm, a device that records everything he sees including dire hallucinations or are they premonitions?

Night of the Doctor mini-episode

The superior officer assures the recruit that the Acardia outpost is impregnable.

“Almost nothing in there universe could get through a sky trench. Nothing in history’s ever gotten through two,” he explains. “Up there, we’ve got 400 of them.”

The soldiers engage in target practice on birds but when they zoom in they see something impossible: a Dalek invasion! The battle that ensues is presumably the same one depicted in the so-called impossible painting featured in The Day of the Doctor trailer.

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Doctor Who fans experience The Last Day on Gallifrey (Daleks sky trench)