Doctor Who Hunger Games Parody

Forget about The Hunger Games. The Doctor Games is “the motion picture event of all time and space.”

The Master and the Daleks team up to defeat the Doctor by putting him in a battle royale with himself, all 13 Doctors… well 12½. They use Doctor Who accessories as weapons. The Eleventh Doctor settles on a fez but the Tenth Doctor gives him a look of disapproval. He attempts to convince the others to work together but end up running away screaming, “Geronimo!” The most deadly weapon turns out be the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, which he uses both as a whip and a slingshot to launch jelly babies. The last Time Lords standing are the Fourth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor, who dons a Stetson because Stetsons are cool but probably as good in a fight as a fez.

Who do you think would win in a fight between the Doctors?