Jimmy Kimmel Princess of Late Night

The entire cast of Jimmy Kimmel Live dressed up as Disney princesses for Halloween.

“I was either going to be Snow White or Walter White but I felt like there were already enough of those so I chose to be a Disney princess,” Kimmel told the audience. “In fact, everyone on our show is a Disney Princess.”

Guillermo as Princess Jasmine.

Announcer Dicky Barrett as Princess Ariel the Little Mermaid.

Cleto and the Cletones band members: Cleto as Cinderella, Cleto Sr. as Princess Belle, Jonathan as Princess Rapunzel, Jimmy as Princess Mulan, Toshi as Princess Snow White and Jeff as Princess Pocahontas.

Actress Mindy Kaling was initially mistaken for Prince but she was actually Captain Hook. Kaling said she was told they were dressing up as Disney villains. One can’t help but think Jimmy was playing dirty to maintain his title as the fairest one of all. Even more royalty appeared during the 8th Annual Half & Half Halloween Costume Pageant, which featured Larry King Joffrey.