Microsoft anime promotes Internet Explorer (Inori Aizawa)

Microsoft Singapore showed off its newest anime mascot at Anime Festival Asia 2013. The promotional anime short features Inori Aizawa as the personification of Internet Explorer.

“The dark side of the Internet can be a dangerous and scary place. Will our heroine be able to survive?” the video description reads.

The internet is shown as a dystopian world overrun with robot cats, which Inori defeats after a generic magical girl transformation. It ends with with caption tsuzuku (つづく), or to be continued, and the camera zooms out to reveal Inori is watching an anime about herself. In fact, the character is presented as a real person with her own Facebook page, which lists her birthday as August 16 1995 (sorry lolicons). Inori explains that she used to be an “ugly duckling” but she’s all grown up. She encourages you to visit her homepage and download Internet Explorer (Inori version) but if you use a different browser, Inori cries like baby.