Modern-day chastity belt prevents rape (AR Wear)
Feminists have their panties in a bunch over Anti-Rape Wear (AR Wear), reinforced underwear that locks into place to prevent rape. They say it puts the onus on the victim rather than the rapist.

Ruth and Yuval, the New York entrepreneurs behind the underwear, acknowledge the need for education but insist the product will help protect women. They note a paper by Sarah E. Ullman from the University of Illinois, which cites various studies indicating that resistance decreases the rate of rape without increasing the rate of injury to the victim.

We developed this product so that women and girls could have more power to control the outcome of a sexual assault. We wanted to offer some peace of mind in situations that cause feelings of apprehension, such as going out on a blind date, taking an evening run, “clubbing”, traveling in unfamiliar countries, and any other activity that might make one anxious about the possibility of an assault.

AR Wear Anti-Rape Wear

The company is raising money through the crowdfunding website indiegogo but they’re not offering the usual rewards like stickers or shirts. They felt it would trivialize a very serious problem. Donators will receive a discount once the product is released. A prototype is expected by July 2014.

The promo video features a petite woman but AR Wear will be available in all sizes, as well as a possible male line.