Scientifically Accurate Thundercats cartoon

Scientifically Accurate Thundercats Lion-O kills fanboyThe Animation Domination HD (ADHD) YouTube channel has already parodied coldblooded animals with Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man and Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles and as predicted they’ve moved onto warmblooded animals with Scientifically Accurate Thundercats. But don’t worry, penises are still covered so to speak.

“Cats have spiky penises. They evolved them long ago. Like mini fishhooks pointed back, so no one sleeps with Lion-O,” sings the narrator. “And we cut the verse about getting feline AIDS, cat AIDS!”

Lion-O rips the arms off a fanboy as the narrator preemptively acknowledges that the Thundercats are aliens not cats.

Perhaps next time they’ll lampoon the Care Bears and mention “polar bear genitals shrinking due to pollution.”