Walking Dead's Melissa McBride defends her character
The Walking Dead once again shows us the real monsters are the living. Carol tries to rationalize killing Karen and David in last week’s episode, “Indifference.”

“I was trying to save lives,” Carol insists. “I had to try. Somebody had to.”

Rick isn’t persuaded. The final straw is when she encourages a man with dislocated shoulder and woman with a twisted ankle to prove they can pull their weight if they want to join the group. Carol doesn’t hesitate to leave them behind and barely reacts when she finds out they’re dead. Rick decides to exile Carol for the good of the group but it was the wrong decision Melissa McBride tells AMC.

“Yeah, it’s exactly what she says,” McBride said. “You can’t live in that world unless you are strong. And she knows that. A lot of changes in Carol this season she’s been forced into in order to survive. For so long, she’s had somebody tell her that she can’t do things. And at some point, she would believe those voices. It does affect your self-esteem. So I think it’s great that these real-world challenges in the show are really pushing her to do what she’s capable of, and forcing her to make choices. To see her so involved and taking this initiative and making choices and accepting consequences for them, I think it’s really great.”

McBride says Carol isn’t a heartless killer. She’s actually “very empathetic” and roots for the underdog, until that dog has to be put down!