Wonder Woman teams up with Two and a Half Men (John Cry, Ashton Kutcher, Lynda Carter)
Two and a Half Men guest star Lynda Carter plays a much racier version of herself in “Justice in Star-Spangled Hot Pants,” which is based on a real-life encounter with fanboy Jon Cryer.

Carter meets Alan Harper (Cryer) at a charity even and assumes that he’s one of her many gay fans. Everyone realizes she’s out his league except for Alan, who hounds Walden (Ashton Kutcher) into setting them up. Their date is even more awkward. Alan tries to get Carter to pose with a Wonder Woman lasso but Walden rescues her by taking her out on the balcony, where she is propositioned by yet another Harper. Jenny (Amber Tamblyn), Alan’s lesbian niece, asks Wonder Woman if she still likes being cuffed.

“See, I told you the gays really liked me,” Carter tells Walden.

Walden asks if Alan has a shot with her.

“You do know I’m Lynda freaking Carter, right?” she answers.

Carter confesses that she’s actually attracted to Walden. Alan is shocked when he walks in on Carter and Walden kissing. He lassos Walden in slow-motion like every Wonder Woman episode, then they both fall off the balcony like every Two and a Half Men episode.

The next morning, Jenny sneaks Carter and Walden’s mother (Mimi Rogers) out of her bedroom and gives both of them a kiss goodbye. Carter comes back to return an egg beater that is truly the only weapon to ever beat Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman teams up with Two and a Half Men (Amber Tamblyn, Lynda Carter)