Community Season 5 trailer announces Season 6 and a movie
Community season 5 isn’t even out but trailer proclaims “six seasons and a movie,” a rallying cry used by fans. Epic is an understatement. It features over-the-top action sequences including darker timeline versions of the Greendale gang, chair walkers (exactly what it sounds like), a giant robot and an ass crack bandit! The entire trailer is filmed like a movie trailer complete with title screens with deep-voiced narrator.

“From the executive producer of seasons 1-3,” he dramatically declares. “Comes Community season 5.”

Despite the optimistic outlook, the show is winding down. Chevy Chase has already left and Donald Glover will also be leaving mid-season to focus on his music career as Childish Gambino. There’s a brilliant bit of self-deprecating humor in a scene from the season premiere “Repilot.” Abed (Danny Pudi) points out that Zach Braff left Scrubs early.

“Son of a bitch,” comments Troy (Glover). “After everything Scrubs did for him.”

Community season 5 premieres January 2.