Indestructible Hulk Annual 1 (Gamma bomb origin story)
Everyone knows the Hulk’s origin story but the same can’t be said for the infamous gamma bomb that created him. Writer Jeff Parker blows the lid off this mystery in “Journey into Science” featured in Indestructible Hulk Annual #1.

Bruce Banner AKA the Hulk went to school Tony Star AKA Iron Man, which is news to him. Even their professor forgets Banner’s name when he declares he doesn’t want develop weapons for the military despite the lucrative funding.

Years later S.H.I.E.L.D sends Banner and Stark to investigate a sentient island built by Professor Zadian. Stark awkwardly mentions Banner’s own mad scientist past and asks why he built a gamma bomb. Banner is surprised by the question because no one’s ever bothered to ask. Just before he can answer a giant monster snatches him. Fortunately, this deus ex machina joke isn’t the end of it. When they reunite, Stark again inquires to the reason.

“I’ve heard I have anger issues,” Banner jokes.

Banner explains the real reason is that he wanted to use gamma radiation for peaceful purposes like space exploration but he couldn’t get any funding so Zadian put he in touch with his contacts in the Air Force. Banner laments that after all these years he’s still working for the military. Stark tries to cheer him up by pointing out that his new female boss is easier on the eyes than General Thunderbolt Ross.