Miley Cyrus breasts exposed in Christmas photo (Free the Nipple)

Miley Cyrus turning into a boob (Free the Nipple)
Miley Cyrus turning into a boob

Miley Cyrus breasts are everywhere but inside her shirt these days. They’re even popping out in Christmas photos!

Cyrus tweeted a topless photo of herself after Photoshopping it with Christmas decorations to cover her naughty parts. Her Christmas greeting was directed a New York, which is one the few states that allows woman to bare their breasts for noncommercial purposes though arrests still occur. The photo was take in support the “Free the Nipple” campaign, which contend that women should have the same right to go topless as men.

“It’s not about getting your titties out,” she explained to her critics. “It’s about equality.”

Filmmaker Lina Esco is currently seeking crowdfunding for a nationwide release of a Free the Nipple documentary.

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