Rick and Morty video game review
Fixing the trampoline will deflect the laser beams and allow you to retrieve the glass bottle, which can be sliced into usable pieces with remaining lasers. Alien food  for your house guest can be found in the accessible portal.

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure lives up to its name. Only the first chapter is ‘playable’ if you can call it that. The goal of the game is obtain a glass lens and white cloth to create a vacuum that can suck up dangerous dimensional portals. Only two rooms are accessible. If you try to explore any of the other rooms, Morty will explain that those areas weren’t budgeted for the game. Furthermore, you can’t use most of the items in the rooms. If you try to pick up an unusable item, Morty will berate you. The developers throw you a bone early on so you don’t feel too stupid. Morty picks up a sock which unlocks an achievement. He celebrates until Rick reveals the item is as useless as he is.

Rick and Morty video game review (alien)
Use the spring under the chair cushion to fixed the trampoline. Heat the alien food on the lamp to lure the couch potato. Shut off the TV and use the remote batteries to close the garage door so Morty can remove his underwear.

When the vacuum is complete, Morty jumps up and down with excitement about his prize for winning.

“Prepare to be disappointed, Morty,” Rick warns him. “All we get is a bunch of credits of people we don’t know.”

However, players do get a prize. Sit through the credits to see Rick pummel Morty for no reason.

If you click off screen it will pause the game but it will not resume dialogue, which is really the whole point of the game.

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