Legends of the Dark Knight 77 (Riddler Arkham Asylum)
Batman always makes short work of the Riddler thanks to the clues he leaves behind. Writer Marc Guggenheim attempts to solve the riddle behind his self-defeating compulsion in “Herded Limits,” a 3-part story that concludes in Legends of the Dark Knight #79.

At a competency hearing for Edward Nigma, Dr. Chase Meridian insists he should be sent to Blackgate Prison not Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. Meridian tells the court that his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) doesn’t prevent him from knowing the difference between right and wrong. On the contrary, his repeated attempts to outwit authorities show a “deep-seated unconscious understanding of right and wrong.” She later revises her diagnosis when Enigma points out that he is apparently a failure at his own game.

“At the end of the day, there is only one answer that makes any sense,” she reason. “He’s playing a different game. He’s playing a long game.”

Enigma has been purposely getting caught in order to locate a treasure map located in Arkham. Once the finally finds it he simply walks out. Not even Batman can slow him down. The Riddler is usually a wimp so Batman is completely caught off guard when he uses guns and martial arts. He leaves behind the misleading clue “Mister Polo” which is an anagram for Metropolis but he  is actually in Gotham!

Batman doesn’t fall for the ruse. He hacks into patient files at Arkham and realizes the Riddler is no longer playing games. Once again the Riddler loses or does he?

Meridian finally convinces the judge to send Nigma to Blackgate. He winks at her as he’s hauled off. It appears he that he wanted to be sent to Blackgate. Perhaps Meridian is the Riddler’s Harley Quinn.

Legends of the Dark Knight 79 (Riddler picture puzzle)The story doesn’t end there. Issue 79 features a URL puzzle:
http://bit.ly _ _ _ YHP _

Each issue has multiple instances of the letters K and S in bold.

There’s also a conspicuous gird of symbols that appear to be stylized letters and numbers.

This is one riddle that will drive you batty.

Legends of the Dark Knight 79 (Riddler url puzzle)