Toonami recently start airing bizarre animated music videos like “Kill Your Co-Workers” by Flying Lotus during movie premieres. For the broadcast premiere of Akira they went all out with three Toonami music videos:

Toonami music video Tiny Anthem by The M Machine

“Tiny Anthem” by The M Machine

An evil alien enslaves planets with his space ship which grabs the inhabitants with cartoonish robot arms that flail about. A headband wearing heroine frees them but the slaver grins as he reveals an army of ships.

The plot and animation will be familiar to fans of Ugly Americans and Superjail! directed by Chet Knebel and Hal Lee.

Toonami music video features sex, drugs and Rock N Rock What Would Wolves Do by Les Savy Fav

“What Would Wolves Do” by Les Savy Fav

Two space explorers survey a planet but they find some sexy aliens so party until they pass out. When they wake up, the girls reveal they’re killer robots that want to mount them… on the wall!

You might recognized unique animation style, which features animals with over-sized heads, from the IFC animated series Out There by Ryan Quincy.

Toonami music video Fallout by Neon Indian

“Fallout” by Neon Indian

An extremely busty woman gets her hot rod filled up at a gas station, which is apparently self service. There’s lots of sexual innuendo involving phallic symbols like the nozzle squirting.

This music video was actually produced by Adult Swim and directed by Lilfuchs, who has worked with Flying Lotus.