Toyota RAV4 Commercial: A genie (Kaley Cuoco) makes car launch into outer space. “Vehicle cannot fly.”

Toyota RAV4 Commercial: A Genie (Kaley Cuoco) encases boy in bubble wrap and his friends use him as a basketball. “Don not attempt.”

Toyota Camry Commercial: Car roller coaster. “Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt. Options shown.”

Toyota Avalon Commercial: Car magically materializes from electricity. “Dramatization.”

Toyota Avalon Commercial: Car emerges from under water then drives away. “Dramatization.” (removed by Toyota)

Dodge Charger Commercial: Car drives through time with lots of gunfire and explosions. “Do not attempt.”

Dodge Ram 1500 Commercial: A giant fissure opens but closes when truck drives over it. “Do not attempt.”

Dodge Dart Commercial: Piano drops from building, people stampede and giant monster attacks the city. “Dramatization. Situation shown does not represent actual events.”

Dodge Dart Commercial: Car falls out of thin air. “Do not attempt.”

Dodge Durango Commercial: Ron Burgundy throws eggs at car. “Do not attempt.”

Dodge Durango Commercial: Ron Burgundy falls asleep while driving. “Do not attempt.”

Fiat 500 Commercial: Car drives on water. “Fictionalization. Do not attempt.”

Esurance Commercial: Man crashes his time machine car, a la Back to the Future. “Do not attempt.”