Just for Men Commercial: Reverse running of the bulls. “Do not attempt.”

Dr Pepper Commercial: A man rides a tricycle downhill and a woman wrestles an alligator. “Professional stunt. Do not attempt.” The warning “stunt” (singular) appears only during the tricycle scene so apparently alligator wrestling is fine.

5 Hour Energy Commercial: Energy supplement allows man to run 10 miles while knitting a sweater , among other things. “For comedic purposes only. Not actual results.”

Digiorno Pizza Commercial: Pizza delivery car hits trash cans then flies over hill. “Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.”

Interstate Batteries Commercial: Out of control car slides around on ice and hits parked cars. A man runs to his car and attempts to move it in time. “Closed course. Do not attempt.”

Kia Sorento Commercial: A father explains to his daughter that babies come from space followed by obviously CG baby animals parachuting down to Earth. “Do not Attempt.”

Hyundai Santa Fe Commercial: Little kid need teammates and recruits a boy bench pressing 400 LBS, a boy welder, a boy wrestling a bear, a boy carrying a large man out of a burning building. The other team leader tells them to kick off and they kick into him so hard it knocks him over. Multiple instances of “Do not attempt.”

Hyundai Santa Fe Commercial: Family has an epic play date that includes a band playing on the roof, feeding an ostrich and handstands. “Do not attempt.”

Coca Cola Commercial: Cowboy throws his hat in motorcycle spokes and sends it flying. “Trained badlander. Do not attempt.”

Pepsi Commercial: Teenage boy jumps out a window when parents walk in on house party. “Do not attempt.”

Taco Bell Commercial: Senior citizen rides scooter on football field driving through hurdles and other obstacles. “Do not do this.”

Axe Commercial: Lifeguard punches shark. “Fictionalization.”

Axe Commercial: Firefighter runs into burning building carries out woman on a zip line. “Professional stunt. Do not attempt.”

Axe Body Spray Commercial: Girls are getting hotter so much so that men are accidentally setting themselves on fire and causing traffic accidents. “Do not attempt.”

Subaru Commercial: Salesman sells cars to dogs that drive off the car lot. “Dramatization. Professional driver on closed course. Don not attempt. Always secure your pets.”

E*trade Commercial: The etrade baby appears in obviously Photoshopped pictures such as orbiting in space and sitting in a hot tub with a panda bear. “Profession stunts. Do not attempt.”