Verizon Wireless Commercial: Two men tandem parachute into the store parking lot.

Chevrolet Commercial: Car slide down rails and jumps ramps like a skateboard. “Sonic is not a skateboard. Do not attempt.”

Lincoln MKZ Commercial: Car drives through fire and transform into a new car. “Dramatization. Do not attempt.”

Optimum Cable Commercial: Family in the process of moving packs cat in a box. “Felix is fine. He was never in the box. Promise.”

Grey Poupon Commercial: Spy car chase. “Do not attempt.”

Outlook Commercial: Stuntman crashes van in fiery explosion. “Don not attempt.”

GMC Commercial: Man hangs from cherry picker while driving down the road. “Fictionalization.” (Removed by GMC)

Clearasil Commercial: Teens stand on a truck driving down a highway and the wing of an airplane in flight. “Dramatization. Do not Attempt.”

Nokia Lumia 920 Commercial: Wedding brawl. “Do not attempt.”

Doritos Commercial: Valet goes on road trip with cop and banana. “Fictionalization. Do not attempt.”

Preen Commercial: Man uses flamethrower to kill weeds. “Do not attempt.”

Coors Light Commercial: Man skateboards through a giant Coors can and comes out on surfboard. “Do not attempt.” (Removed by Coors)

Oscar Mayer Commercial: Boy rides bike in store. “Do not attempt. Always wear a helmet. Listen to your mother.”

Infiniti Commercial: Clothes unravel when car pulls on thread. “Dramatization. Professional driver. Closed course.”

Kmart Commercial: Family gets in pool with a hippo. “Dramatization.”

Kmart Commercial: Man on stilts puts up Christmas decorations. “Profession. Do not attempt.”

Kmart Commercial: Santa vs the Three Wise Men. Santa sets off fireworks in the Wise Men tent and the Wise Men set Santa on fire as he comes down the chimney. “No intentar esto.” (Spanish for do not attempt.)