Community says bon voyage to Donald Glover

Community‘s study group is interrogated about the death of their friend Piece Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) in “Cooperative Polygraphy.” The executor of the will, Mr. Stone (Walton Goggins), administers a lie detector test clearing them of any involvement. He then reveals that Pierce actually died of dehydration from filling canisters of sperm, which he bequeaths to his friends.

In addition to the load of seamen, Troy (Donald Glover) will inherit a load of money on the condition that he sails around the world to become his own man, something Pierce regrets never doing. He accepts the offer to everyone’s surprise.

“Pierce was a crazy old coot, yeah, but I think he knew something about me that I didn’t even know until now. Because he’s offing me something I’ve been search for my whole life: millions of dollars.” Troy explains. “And being a man or whatever he said.”

Glover is leaving the show to pursue his music career as Childish Gambino. He isn’t an actor trying to be rapper the “artist” told the Huffington Post.

“It was time for me to transition because this is who I am,” he said. “That’s why I left, because that isn’t who I am. Being on “Community” was awesome and it’s one of my favourite shows, but that’s not something I would do anymore as an artist endeavor.”

The artist formerly known as Troy will depart next week in “Geothermal Escapism.”

“I just watched the episode where Troy leaves, and it’s heartbreaking,” creator Dan Harmon told TV Guide. “It’s a real Kleenex-boxer. I wrote it, I was there when they shot it, I’m editing it and I’m not even looking at a completed version, and my eyes were running like a faucet.”