Move over Michonne. The Walking Dead comic has a new badass babe, and her name is Maggie Greene. While Michonne literally hung up her katana, Maggie has gone from stay-at-home mom to military leader of the Hilltop colony.

After the death of Glenn at the hands of the warlord Negan, Maggie and her adoptive daughter Sophia leave the group for the apparent safety of the Hilltop. She soon learns the Hilltop’s cowardly leader, Gregory, answers directly to Negan, who goes to war with Rick and the rest of the group hold up at Alexandria.

Maggie convinces the people of the Hilltop to side with Rick and deposes the bootlicker with a right hook to the face in The Walking Dead #118.

Maggie is the new Michonne in The Walking Dead comic (Maggie punches Gregory)

Despite her confidence in him, Rick’s initially attack on Negan and his so-called Saviors fails and he’s forced to retreat back to Alexandria.

Negan shows up on their doorstep unexpectedly bearing gifts in the form of a Trojan zombie! While they’re caught off guard, Negan’s men start tossing grenades over the wall. Rick and Carl are caught in the blast and all appears to be lost when Maggie shows up with reinforcements in The Walking Dead #120. Her dramatic entrance is made doubly so because she’s pregnant with Glenn’s baby!

The issue ends with Rick passing out, suggesting that Maggie may step up to lead the group.

Maggie is the new Michonne in The Walking Dead comic (Maggie saves Alexandria)