Morty’s really done it this time! He eats on one of Rick’s experiments and shrinks to one one-hundredth his normal size. Morty isn’t the only thing that’s been reduced though.

Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure Chapter 2 has less areas to explore and fewer items to collect, however the superfluous sock from previous chapter makes an appearance.

Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure Chapter 2 review

Morty stands under a microscope to get Rick’s attention but his grandfather ignores his pleas for help for the sake of the game. Rick puts the Petri dish in the refrigerator where Morty meets a monstrous miniature version of Rick whose backstory is less interesting than you might think.

“The developers didn’t have time to draw another character so they just pasted Rick’s head on a seahorse they were working on for another game,” the creature explains.

To restore your size you need to mix up a growing formula using the ingredients on the top shelf but first you’ll have to get up there or Morty will berate you.

“Oh my god, we’re never gonna finish this chapter with you clicking on stuff that’s so far away from me like this,” Morty complains. “I mean, what do you thinks gonna happen. I can’t do anything from here.”

Game Walkthrough

Use your noodle and attach it to the jelly glob to make a rope. Turn the the jars on the top shelf so that that first one shows “open” and the other two recreate the symbol on the back of the pickle jar on the bottom shelf. Retrieve the butter to loosen the temperature dial and unfreeze mini Rick and finger sandwich. Place the olive on the toothpick to hollow it out and create a container to hold the dripping orange juice. Pour it in the Petri dish and eat the newly formed organism to regrow Morty and simultaneously crush mini Rick, which is totally inconsequential like pretty much everything else in the game.

Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure Chapter 2 review (cake)
Morty is once again rewarded by being beaten up by Rick.


Not just Breakfast! – Drink orange juice from olive.
Master Butter! – Use butter on Morty to masturbate behind the jars (He won’t do it with you watching, pervert).
The only way to win! – Jump of table to kill yourself.
Spinning your Wheels! – Spin the jars so the labels read: “O’Penny Farms”, “Slather it on” and “Pasta Man.”
Triple Dog Dare! – Lick the ice block to kill yourself.

Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure


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