Scientifically Accurate PokemonScientifically Accurate Pokemon is relatively tamed compared to previous lampoons in the Animation Domination HD (ADHD) series such as the Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in which the superhumanly endowed turtles attempt to give themselves oral sex. They still manage to sneak in some phallic humor into this children’s cartoon. “PokeDicks,” the theme song ends followed by a quick flash from a snorlax, a Pokemon that likes to sit with its legs spread. There’s also some implied child molestation. Ash gets a ride from a creepy guy in a van that is suspiciously labeled “free Pokemon.”

Most of the ridicule is reserved for the absurdity of a letting a child travel the world and debunking the some of the more fantastical creatures as well as the implausibility of them fitting inside of Poke balls.