Space Dandy themed Galaga video game
Can you out dandy Space Dandy?

Super Space Galaga is a free-to-play mobile game by Bandai Namco Games that combines the new anime Space Dandy with the classic 80s arcade game Galaga, which features gameplay similar to Space Invaders except for one notable exception. The enemy boss can capture the player’s ship with a tractor beam, then the player can retrieve it to control two ships simultaneously at the cost of one life.

Space Dandy themed Galaga video game (screenshots)

The game features aliens and spaceships from the series including the Aloha Oe, which can be upgraded presumably with purchasable game items. Just like Dandy identifies new alien lifeforms on the show,  you can collect lifepods to collect confidential bios of the characters but if you’re anything like Dandy you’ll probably spend most of your time at the popular breastaurant Boobies (Space Hooters).

Super Space Galaga will be released early this year on iOS and Android in Japan but it has not yet been announced for the US where the series is being simulcast on Adult Swim.

Available now in Japan on iTunes and Google Play.

Space Dandy video game crossovers into anime series