Space Dandy VS Booby monster Mamitas transformed (Occasionally Even the Deceiver is Deceived, Baby) Boobies point card hologram Meow

Space Dandy‘s titular character is an alien bounty hunter but what he’s really after are boobies, which become a handful in “Occasionally Even the Deceiver is Deceived, Baby.”

Dandy crash lands on a deadly planet when he pushes the Aloha Oe’s warp drive to the limit, in an attempt to use his soon to expire frequent customer card at Boobies (space Hooters).

The crew saves a mysterious girl named Mamitas (Spanish for sexy girls, plural) from hideous looking aliens but she turns out to be the real monster. The busty babe is actually a shapeshifting alien that holds a dubious distinction.

“It’s the Deathgerian, the alien that’s topped the list of Aliens I don’t want to be Eaten by twelve years straight,” Bea explains while showing the list in an magazine. “When you meet one, that’s it. They’re gonna eat you until your dead.”

Dandy’s shipmate Meow finds out too late about Mamitas. He’s swallowed whole when she transforms into a giant monster with multiple breasts that explode out of her body like popcorn. The nipples are blurred out while she’s in her human form but you will be able to see the uncensored version in the upcoming Space Dandy Blu-ray and DVD scheduled for released on April 25. Once she’s fully transformed there’s no censoring but at that point you probably wish they were. She becomes a slobbering animal has as many mouths as breasts.

Dandy uses his tried-and-true strategy of running away but he eventually returns for his friend, who just so happens to have the Boobies card. It’s expired by now but that’s just one of many intentional plot holes in the series like all the characters dying in first episode. Dandy transforms the Aloha Oe into a giant robot to take down the alien and claim his first successful bounty. Don’t worry about Meow. Despite being eaten he’s in the next episode, which features zombie boobies!

Space Dandy VS Booby monster Mamitas transformed (Occasionally Even the Deceiver is Deceived, Baby)