Norman Reedus scared to death by Walking Dead zombie prank
The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Mini-BustNothing scares The Walking Dead‘s resident bad boy Daryl Dixon but actor Norman Reedus isn’t so tough when he encounters a real life zombie.

TWD star Andrew Lincoln and producer Greg Nicotero pranked their friend with the help of Nick Santonastasso, a New Jersey teen with a rare birth defect called Hanhart syndrome that left him with one arm and no legs. He used his condition to play a dismembered victim of Leatherface in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre prank.

Nicotero transformed Santonastasso into a zombie and had him hid in a hotel room during a publicity tour in Japan. He jumps out and makes Reedus scream like girl despite being familiar with the teen’s previous pranks posted to Vine.

“And I already know about you. I’ve already blasted you out to the planet. Wow. Wow,” Reedus said. “Good job you jerk.”

They followed up the prank by recreating a zombie pit under a subway grate in New York.

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Norman Reedus scared to death by Walking Dead zombie prank Japanese fan art
Japanese artist Uma tweeted fan art that captures the moment.

Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead zombie prank