Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer makes fanboy sense tingle Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone)
The Amazing Spider-Man 121 the death of Gwen StacyThe latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer includes a voice over by Electro (Jamie Foxx) narrating the “Rise of Electro” but fanboys are more interested in the fall of Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone).

“What if something happens to you cause of me?” Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) asks her followed immediately by a scene of Gwen falling that’s reminiscent of her death in The Amazing Spider-Man #121. This time she grabs the web instead of Spider-Man catching her like a rag doll and snapping her neck. If Gwen dies, it seems unlikely that she will fall to her death twice in the same film so expect a new demise or something even worse for this iconic character.

In the Ultimate universe comic book series, Gwen becomes Carnage, the offspring of the Venom symbiote (technically, Carnage becomes Gwen). Perhaps a similar fate is in store for Spidey’s tag-along sidekick and while she’s snooping around Oscorp she’ll encounter Venom, who was teased in the first trailer. The reason Venom is so deadly is that he knows Spider-Man’s secret identity, which Gwen blurts out at the end of the trailer possibly hinting at her new role.