Jimmy Kimmel Vermont Teddy Bear commercial parody censored

This Valentine’s Day the annual Vermont Teddy Bear commercial is promoting a giant teddy bear claiming “size matters” but Jimmy Kimmel suggests spending that money on flowers than this impractical gift. A commercial parody helped drill home the point.

Saturday Night Live: CVS Valentine’s Day commercial

Like in the movie Ted, the teddy bear comes to life courtesy of a midget in a bear costume that’s anatomically correct and then some (blurred out for cubs).

“The big hunk of love bear bear is soft, cuddly and ready to make love to your girlfriend or wife,” the commercial announcer explains. “Each bear is 100% anatomically exaggerated to keep her company when she dumps you for buying her a child’s toy instead of flowers.”

The teddy bear attacks the man then takes his woman to the bedroom to show her what it feels like be stuffed!

Jimmy Kimmel Vermont Teddy Bear commercial parody