Late Night host Seth Meyers writes Thank You Note to Jimmy Fallon
Late Night host Seth Myers thanked his predecessor, Jimmy Fallon, by stealing a bit from him for his debut. Meyers wrote Fallon a thank you note for leaving him the show and said he would do it justice by only doing “completely original comedy pieces… starting now.”

He probably should have postponed that promise. Myers’ monologue delivery was identical to that on SNL Weekend Update, and the jokes felt as old as the 101-year-old man running for congress he referenced multiple time. He stumbled on the setup for a joke about a congressman going undercover as a UPS worker to get closer to his constituents.

“After three failed attempts at meeting people he said ‘Screw it you can come to me,'” he said.

The punchline, if you can call it that, received only a few giggles presumably from friends and family in the audience.

“Right, our first sorta bomb.” he noted, which got more laughs than the joke. “Yeah, I’ll take it.”

Meyers even resorted to explaining his jokes, which he said he will try to keep to a minimum.

The only other highlight was Meyers recounting a story about a man offering to help his wife change a flat tire while he sat in the car waiting for AAA. It was funny until he showed photos of the incident and revealed he was serious.

“Thank you Seth Meyers for putting me to sleep,” said this guy.