New Doctor Who companion Samuel Anderson
Doctor Who is going back to the past and recreating the original group dynamic on the show.

Soap opera actor Samuel Anderson (Emmerdale) will play school teacher Danny Pink, the Doctor’s new companion. Fear not, the Doctor will keep his current companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), who also teaches incidentally.

“For the fourth time in Doctor Who history, Coal Hill School is coming to the aid of the TARDIS,” said Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer. “In 1963 teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright accompanied the First Doctor. These days it’s the turn of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. And very soon now, Sam Anderson as Danny Pink will be entering the world of the Doctor. But how and why?”

Could it be the return of the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan Foreman, who introduced Ian and Barbara to the TARDIS? An older Doctor (Peter Capaldi) traveling with his granddaughter and her two school teachers would bring the series full circle after 50 years!