Piranha Sharks trailer You're gonna need a bigger aquarium GinaMarie Zimmerman
Sharks have never been bigger so a couple of entrepreneurs decide to shrink them down and market them like sea monkeys. The hybrid Piranha Sharks rapidly reproduce and get into the water supply.

The B-movie stars GinaMarie Zimmerman, the Big Brother contestant who called welfare “nigger insurance.” Judging by the trailer her big mouth gets her in trouble again.

Piranha Sharks movie poster (without great white)Miniaturizing the apex predators might sound scary but it’s actually counterintuitive. The black piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus) has a proportionately stronger bite force than a great white shark.

“S. rhombeus can bite with a force more than 30 times its weight, a remarkable feat yet unmatched among vertebrates,” explains a study published in published in Scientific Reports.

Then again, you’re probably not watching this movie for its scientific accuracy. They really jump the shark when they go airborne.

“Flying air-breathing Piranha Sharks, did not expect that one,” says one equally skeptical character.

Piranha Sharks is directed by Leigh Scott (Transmorphers) and produced by Mark Burman and Red Sea Media (Zombie Safari) with a scheduled release of 2014.