Project APT review

Project APT is real hellhole. The goal of this indie game is to kill yourself in a haunted apartment building filled with rooms that look like scenes from a Poltergeist movie.

“He misses the family he left behind in old apartment. But now he is caged in his own apartment. Let’s end it here,” reads the sparse description by the Korean developer known as LittleDev.

Project APT review underwater apartment

Explore the apartments and find useful items to help you defeat a demonic dog and a dog girl. Be careful not to use any of the weapons too earlier or you’ll kill yourself and you don’t want to do that… yet. You have to reach your room, which has four mirrors that presumably represent each member of your family. Breaking any one of them will shatter your character instead.

Half of the rooms are inexplicably inaccessible. Adding to the frustration, there are barricaded doors that literally beckon to be opened. When you turn the handle for room 805, a moaning woman can be heard inside. It really piques your… um, interest. Mystery is one thing but too much just makes the game feel unfinished.

Project APT review - ending

Faceless characters and a melancholy soundtrack create a creepy atmosphere but don’t expect much more beyond that. There’s no closure here. The sole ending consists of a single image of the dead man holding a photo of his family with no explanation of what happened to them. The game takes under 15 minutes but there are no saves so you may want to check out the game walkthrough below.

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