Scientifically Accurate Flintstones ADHD

Scientifically Accurate Flintstones is latest parody in the ongoing series by Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) that pisses all over your childhood with a heavy dose of reality.

“Scientifically Accurate Flintstones. They’re a Homo erectus family,” the theme song opens.

The family is transformed into a more realistic version with large brows and animal skin clothes, while their lovable saber-toothed tiger Baby Puss becomes a vicious predator that eats Fred.

Fun facts include sexual promiscuity and the female preference for larger penises that accounts for the ample endowment of human among all primates.

“Also there were no dinosaurs,” the song notes much to the chagrin of creationists, who believe humans and dinosaurs coexisted according to the Bible.