Space Dandy comic book crossover with RandomVeus
Left: RandomVeus (Raimundo Venturo Usray, Melody Frial and Bloob Beanz)
Right: Space Dandy (Dandy, Meow and QT)

Artist Jeffrey Cruz used fan art to illustrate the eerie similarities between his comic book RandomVeus and the new anime series Space Dandy.

Both scatterbrained heroes, Raimundo and Dandy, sport a pompadour and sideburns that would make Elvis jealous; and they each have two sidekicks: a pint-sized servant and a troublemaker who is never without a hat.

It’s not just the characters that are similar but also the highly stylized and brightly colored world they share with a myriad of bizarre looking creatures.

RandomVeus Powder Pufferfish Girls (Powerpuff Girls)Cruz isn’t angry about the apparent emulation of his comic, which predates the anime by several years. In fact, he’s just dandy about it and hopes the characters meet one day.

“RandomVeus x Space☆Dandy cross-over piece,” reads the description on deviantART. “I can dream, right?”

Whether or not an official crossover ever materializes, there’s always the possibility that Dandy will be parodied like in RandomVeus #2, which featured fat Powerpuff Girls called the Powder Pufferfish Girls. In keeping with the animal theme, perhaps Crocodile Dandy or Space Dundee?