The Walking Dead road sign Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates
The Walking Dead always keeps fans guessing but last week’s episode “Inmates” was filled with signs, literally.

“Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates,” reads a prominently placed road sign.

This could be a clever reference to the group escaping the prison or it might be referring to inmates that escaped the prison prior to the arrival of Rick’s group.

The Walking Dead Inmates Sanctuary Terminus signThe episode titles for the second half of the season appear to form a sentence about the final destination of this season.

“After Inmates Claimed Still Alone The Grove UsA,” reads the sentence if you combine the last two titles “Us and “A.”

This might suggest the escaped inmates claimed the rail distribution center in Locust Grove, Georgia. In fact, a railroad sign promises sanctuary at a place called Terminus, which literally means end on the line. “Those who arrive survive,” reads the ominous sign. It seems to imply that few will survive the journey, which could be by design. The inmates could be the so-called Hunters from the comic book. Despite their name they weren’t actually good hunters so they resorted to cannibalism because humans were easier prey. Setting up a sign to bring their prey to them sounds just like something the Hunters would do. Picking off people along the way and allowing survivors to join their group of cannibals. The synopsis for the penultimate episode summarizes, “Survivors rely on brutality and faith.”

Rick, Carl and Michonne find yet another sign for Terminus in the next episode “Claimed” but the question remains: are they being guided or lured?

Walking Dead Claimed Terminus sign