X-Men mutate into X-Animals: Wolverine cat and Cyclops cat

The X-Men have been turned into cats and they’ve never been cuter or more deadly. Filmmaker Kaipo Jones gave his cat the superpowers of X-Men Cyclops and Wolverine. It was a complete catastrophe!

Cyclops cat removes his ruby googles unleashing optic blasts that level the house and Wolverine cat tears up the house chasing after a fly, which was actually a laser point that was edited out Jones explains in a behind-the-scenes extra. In fact, all the special effects CG except for a pair of cheesy cat paws that were thankfully never used.

The next obvious choice for an X-Men would be Shadowcat AKA Kitty Pryde, who can become intangible but that doesn’t necessarily mean the house won’t be destroyed yet again. When Kitty phases through electronics they explode!