American Dad gets a sex change (Stan Goes On The Pill)

American Dad‘s Stan Smith (Seth MacFarlane) is the quintessential male chauvinist pig but he gets in touch with his feminine side on this week’s gender bendering episode “Stan Goes On The Pill.”

Stan’s wife Francine (Wendy Schaal) cuts him off from sex for not listening to her when she tells him about her day. CIA Deputy Director Avery Bullock (Patrick Stewart) confirms Stan was smiling and nodding while his wife was talking.

“Then that’s all you can do,” Bullock affirms. “There’s no third thing to listening.”

As a last resort he prescribes Stan Estrocilin, an experimental drug that allows men to retain the information women tell them. There’s one major side effect: Stan turns into a woman!

It’s like a sexy version of the werewolf transformation scene in American Werewolf in London. Bone up on your own listening skills and pay special attention to the sound effects. You can actually hear Stan’s penis receding into his body with a sucking sound followed by a pop as it disappears.

Expect to see a sexy lesbian scene between and female Stan and Francine as well as some inappropriate leering by Stan’s horny son, Steve (Scott Grimes).

American Dad gets a sex change (Stan Goes On The Pill - female Stan and Francine)

Francine is intimated by Stan’s big breasts and worries that they’re bigger than hers.

“Just different is all…” he assures her. “In size.”

They attempt to make the best of it with some hot lesbian sex with the lights off, of course. Unfortunately, it’s just a lot of rubbing together.

“Feels like we’re trying to make a fire,” Stan explains.

American Dad gets a sex change (Stan Goes On The Pill - female Stan and Francine)

The CIA quickly develops a cure to the pill, which was supposed to be taken a half a pill at a time but Stan ignored the woman who explained the dosage. Bullock decides to keep it a secret so he can sleep with female Stan by pretending to listen her. Francine walks in on them and reveals his heinous scheme, then they storm out in disgust.

“I hope this won’t make thing weird at work,” Bullock says.

American Dad airs Sunday, 7:30 p.m. on Fox.