Arnold Schwarzenegger has a crush on his tank M47 Patton

Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally achieved his lifelong dream. “To finally posses my own fucking tank!” he declares in a YouTube video titled “Will it Crush?” The aptly named “Schwarzenegger” tank is a M47 Patton, which makes the M46 Patton look like a little girlie tank. It crushes everything from a taxi to 66 years worth of birthday cakes. You didn’t think he got that body by eating cake did you?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a crush on his tank contest

Schwarzenegger wants you to help him crush stuff but there’s only room for you +1 so he’s auctioning off the spot in a contest to raise money for the After-School All-Stars program. The winner also gets to work out with Arnold and crush it at the gym!

Entries start at $10 but decrease in cost the more entries you buy. Multiple entries will also earn you rewards like a signed limited edition Conan the Barbarian Sword (2 available for 4000 entries+ at $5 each).

Enter to win:
Deadline: 4AM ET Saturday, March 15