Comic Book Men patrol Red Bank on the Batcycle
Holy copyright infringement Batman!

A customer tries to sell a replica of the Batcycle this week on AMC’s Comic Book Men. It’s based on the custom built Yamaha Catalina 250 that was the second Batcycle to be featured on the 60s Batman TV series. The first was a 1965 Harley Davidson.

Batman 1966 TV Batcycle Model KitThe original Batcycle sidecar, which doubles as a go-kart, sold for $30,000 at auction but the full replica is priced at just $7,000. That was still too steep for Walt Flanagan, manager of the Secret Stash comic book store in Red Bank. Flanagan convinced them to let him take it for a ride but since he doesn’t have a motorcycle license he had play Robin. Flanagan and his employees raced around town keeping the streets safe… by not actually being on the streets. The bike was strapped down on the back of a flatbed truck to make it appear they were riding it.