Falling Skies trailer starring Scarlett Byrne as Lexi
Falling Skies is back but with Karen (Jessy Schram) dead, there’s a new sexy alien hybrid messing with the Mason family. Scarlett Byrne (Harry Potter) plays Lexi, a mysterious girl with special powers (sound familiar?).

There’s clearly a connection between the similarly named Lexi and Alexis (Erika Forest), the daughter of Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) but he’s not necessarily the father. His son Hal (Drew Roy) was doing more than sleepwalking while under mind control by Karen. And Ben (Connor Jessup) literally hooked up with Karen, lighting up the alien spikes in his back. The child of two harness children could account for what makes Lexi so special.

There’s little doubt about the identity of the mother.

“In time, she’ll become just like me but better,” Karen says before putting baby Lexi into an alien pod that appears to age her even more than her younger sister Alexis.

Falling Skies season 4 premieres with “The Ghost in the Machine” 10PM Sunday, June 22 on TNT.