Family Guy Fresh Heir (Peter proposes to Chris)
Family Guy‘s Chris Griffin (Seth Green) becomes the favorite child in “Fresh Heir.” He has incestuous relationships with his sister, father and grandfather.

All he really want is some father son time. Unfortunately, he’s neither TV nor the internet so Peter (Seth MacFarlane) has no interest in him. Chris settles for spending time with his grandfather Carter Pewterschmidt (Seth MacFarlane), who needs someone to look after him after her breaks his leg. Carter complains that his cast prevents him from having sex so Chris teaches him how to masturbate with a hands on demonstration! His visit ends with Chris making it look like a vagina with his arm fold that Carter gleefully pokes with his finger.

“We’re not supposed to be doing this,” he admits. “I bet we’re not supposed to be doing this.”

Family Guy Fresh Heir (Chris and Carter Pewterschmidt arm vagina)

Carter offers his grandson money for spending time with him but he refuses. Chris’ gesture touches him even more than the handjob so he makes him the sole heir in his will.

Consequently, Peter starts sucking up to Chris and doing things for him. While cleaning his room, Meg (Mila Kunis) walks in to tell Chris that they’re bath is ready. It’s presumably been going on since they accidentally hooked up in closet in “Halloween on Spooner Street.” Peter is speechless but he’s not one to talk, after all. Peter has had many inappropriate encounters with his son, most notably in “Blind Ambition.” He mistakenly gets into Chris’ bed while suffering from temporarily blindness.

Peter decides to marry his son for his money. Chris is confused by the indecent proposal because he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

“No, no-no, no” Peter assures him. “That’s just all of human history except for the last 5 months.”

Family Guy Fresh Heir (Peter and Chris wedding)

Chris accepts just so he can spend time with his father. They travel to Vermont home to all liberal degenerates. Peter points out that lots of married couples don’t have sex but vows suggest otherwise.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—. I took the one less traveled,” he quotes Robert Frost. “I ain’t no scholar but if that’s not a metaphor for major league butt stuff I don’t know what is.”

Lois (Alex Borstein) tries to stop the wedding but Chris insists he wants to get married to the gold digger. He explains that this is the most time they’ve ever spent together. Peter is moved and proposes again. This time asking if Chris will be his son.

“I guess I learned it’s wrong to take your son to Vermont under false pretenses to try and marry him for his inheritance,” Peter says in an epiphany.

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