Jimmy Fallon does First Kiss parody with puppies and kittens
The Tonight Show has gone to the dogs, literally. Host Jimmy Fallon is animal lover and frequently uses cute puppies in skits. On Thursday night’s show, he got his paws on the viral video “First Kiss,” a social experiment that asked 20 strangers to kiss on camera. Some of the participants were initially reluctant to kiss but animals don’t suffer from shyness. Fallon substituted the people with puppies and kittens. The black and white video titled “First Lick” featured the same sentimental soundtrack “We Might be Dead Tomorrow” by Soko but it was a little more risque than the human version. One pup wandered behind a Basset Hound, who had a very surprised look on his face. Of course, its a dog eat dog world out there. It seems Fallon got the idea from a similar parody called “First Sniff.”