Simpsons bullies come out and play for Warriors parody (The Winter of His Content - Nelson White Weasel Black Weasel)
Bart Simpson stands up for Nelson and he makes him an honorary bully in “The Winter of His Content.” They take him to a Bully Summit in a Warriors parody complete with theme song.

When they arrive they Nelson meets his old gang members White Weasel and Black Weasel, who have transferred to Shelbyville Elementary School. Their reunion is cut short when another bully uses Bart’s slingshot to frame them for assassinating the head bully. They managed to make it home except for Nelson, who sacrifices himself by tackling Capital City Goofball from the Baseball Furries gang.

“Today, we are all Nelson Muntz,” Jimbo Jones mourns their fallen leader.

“Ha ha,” they sigh in unison.