Street Fighter Rap Battle Ryu VS Ken (Chun-Li and Cammy)
We all know who’s the better Street Fighter but what if Ryu and Ken had a rap battle? Pretty much the same result. Ryu emasculates his rival with attacks on his manhood in an anime music video for “Rap Battle: Ryu vs. Ken” by Starbomb. It’s the latest song on the album to be animated by SpazKidin3D for the Egoraptor YouTube channel.

Ryu spits out rhymes at dizzying speeds and he goes even faster in the turbo edition. In contrast, Ken raps like… well, a white guy.

“Can you lose to me in rap battle? Sure you can,” he says referencing his special attack, Shoryuken. Unfortunately, making puns isn’t rapping so Ken loses the match.

“You have proven that you are the best to ever Hadoken a giant whole in my chest,” he says this time referencing Ryu’s special attack, Hadoken. Ryu congratulates him on finally rhyming on cue but it’s too late. It’s game over.