Boondocks season 4 trailer (slaves)

Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder won’t be involved in the fourth and finale season but the trailer shows it’ll be be as controversial as ever.

Robert Freeman (John Witherspoon) tells his grandchildren Huey and Riley (Regina King) that they’re in millions of dollars of debt to a loan shark. They decided raise the money by working any job they can get. They even work as slaves in a historical reenactment with the self-hating Uncle Ruckus (Gary Anthony Williams) as the slave master! Not surprisingly their aptly named neighbor Tom (Cedric Yarbrough) feels right at home as a slave.

The real shocker is when greedy businessman Ed Wuncler (Ed Asner) shows up on Robert’s doorstep and proposes a rematch with Stinkmeaner (Cedric Yarbrough), who was supposedly killed in the first season. Robert fought the blind man to the death after his grandchildren convinced him that Stinkmeaner was like a blind samurai. Robert wears sunglasses this time to level the playing field.

The Boondocks season 4 premieres 10:30 p.m. Monday, April 21 on Adult Swim.