Family Guy racist musical number says Thank the Whites (Baby Got Black)

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane once again shows off his singing talents with a racist musical number in “Baby Got Black.”

Chris (Seth Green) ignites racial tensions when dates a black girl named Pam. They forbidden to see each other by her father, Jerome (Kevin Michael Richardson). The episode wastes no time int addressing the hypocrisy in so-called reverse racism. Jerome says black women are just a “novelty” to white men, who just want a notch in their belt not a relationship. Lois (Alex Borstein) reminds Jerome that they used to date and asks what white women are to black men.

“A very pleasant page in our memory books,” he explains to his former flame, who eats up the compliment.

Peter (MacFarlane) tries to ingratiate himself by claiming they’ve always been friends. Jerome gives him pop quiz about personal facts only a friend would know. Peter makes stereotypical guesses but still manages to get 2 of 3 answer right. He insists that the animosity blacks have for whites is misplaced and they’ve have done many good things for the world (i.e.; themselves), which he explains in song.

“We gave you Eminem and Justin Bieber too, even though they dress and try to talk like you,” he points out to Jerome, who strangely enough doesn’t appear thankful.

Family Guy racist musical number says Thank the Whites - Cleveland Show (Baby Got Black)

Peter rides a segway while showing off a wall of other dubious contributions by whites that includes The Cleveland Show, a black sitcom by the very white MacFarlane.

The chorus is sung by white people who all look alike in their identical sweat vests and polo shirts with khakis AKA the white uniform.

“Thank the whites! Thank the whites,” they sing. “You know, you don’t thank the Lord! You thank the whites!”

Family Guy racist song Thank the Whites (chorus sweater vests)

Jerome eventually changes his tune but not because of the racist song. He finally sees the hypocrisy when Peter gives into his way of thinking and tells Chris to avoid all black people.

“You know Peter, maybe I did overreact,” Jerome admits. “Just because I’ve experienced some hard times, doesn’t mean this generation can’t teach us a thing or two.”

Family Guy airs Sundays 8:30 p.m. on Fox.

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