Grand romantic gesture is an Awkward moment (Sadie - Molly Tarlov)

Molly Tarlov plays Sadie, the queen of mean girls on MTV’s Awkward. She’s even a bitch to her BFF Lissa (Greer Grammer). When the cheerleaders elect Lissa captain instead of Sadie, she gives her an ultimatum to resign but Lissa finally stands up to her.

Sadie ends their one-sided friendship but she apologizes by making a grand romantic gesture like only she can in “Listen to This” (video below – 3:30). It’s trope typically reserved for couples not friends making it even more awkward than it already is.

The former rich girl reveals she’s been reduced to working in a food truck, which she dramatically drives on to the field where the cheerleaders are practicing. Lissa insists it wouldn’t change any thing and that she should have told her.

“How could I?” Sadie asks over the trucks loud speak for all to hear. “You looked up to me. I didn’t want to let you down. Plus you have a really big stupid mouth.”

Sadie agrees they should do whatever it takes to make it work, even if it means Lissa giving in to the original ultimatum.

Awkward airs Tuesdays 10 p.m. on MTV.