Kick start the second coming of Jesus in Fist of Jesus sequel

This time our Savior needs you to save him! Eskoria Films has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel to Fist of Jesus, an unlikely buddy comedy between Jesus (Marc Velasco) and Judas (Noé Blancafort).

Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem will be a 90 minute feature film but it won’t just be longer. Directors David Munoz and Adrián Cardona (Brutal Relax) say they’ll use profession props rather than build them out of recycled materials as they did in the short film. The funding will also go to hiring professional voice actors to dub it in English that way you can focus on all the gratuitous violence.

A teaser for the film shows Jesus has come along way since resurrecting Lazarus and accidentally unleashing the zombie apocalypse on the world. Not only is he wiser but more importantly he’s upgraded from swords to shotguns! Jesus and his 12 apostles battle mutants, zombies, demons and of course, the worst of them all: Roman soldiers! It’s New Testament meets Mad Max say the directors.

The project has only raised $28,000 of its $150,000 goal by May 3 but if anyone can pull off a miracle it’s Jesus. Don’t be stingy with this collection plate because the more you donate the better the rewards like a Jesus action figure or a retro 80s style VHS release (VCR not included).

Pledge on Kickstarter or you’re going to Hell!