Zombie infographic warns businesses about The Working Dead (The Walking Dead)

AtTask is promoting their work management software with a zombie-themed infographic titled “The Working Dead.” It advises employers how to stop their business from being devoured by workplace zombies.

Most of the dead weight comes from overworked employees known as “The Herd” who mindlessly take on more than can chew but some zombies that are just plain rotten. The “Thriller” Michael Jackson zombie is the consummate showman but their numbers are as bloated as them. The “Runner” zombie is the most dangerous, just like its fictional counterpart. They frantically attack other employees with a flurry of memos, emails and meetings that eat up everyone’s time.

It can be hard to terminate a zombie that you know so AtTask gives simple tips to save them like loosening up those stiffs with a spa day.

This is one infographic that’s sure to go viral.

Infographic: Working Dead