Dragon Babies first look on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live reveals why voice actors with thick accents don’t have a fair tale ending. Dragon Babies director Stewart McGary (Taran Killam) immediately regrets his decision to hire his AA sponsor Rick Shoulders (Mike O’Brien) in this parody of the film documentary series HBO First Look.

The retired cop has a thick Chicago accent that doesn’t quite match his character, a cute dragon named Bibbo. The baby dragon is unable to breathe fire so he sets out on a quest for a magic powder atop a mountain but he’s afraid of heights. Shoulders dubs his character a “pussy.”

Dragon Babies first look on Saturday Night Live (Bibbo vs big dragon)

Bibbo is aided by the Candy Witch Mayshowers voiced by SNL guest host Charlize Theron. She’s unable to resist the charms of this bald, overweight, everyman but he only has eyes for this wife. Mrs. Shoulders plays the equally miscast Glendore the wood nymph (Cecily Strong). Glendore is kidnapped and tells Bibbo to shoot the “scuzzbucket” between the eyes.

“Go see Dragon Babies in the theater,” Mr. Shoulders endorses the film. “It’s the story of a pussy that shoots a scuzzbucket. Dah… it’s a good time.”