Family Guy reveals the funding for Peter's shenanigans (Meg Stinks)

It may seem that Family Guy is just a series of random events with no explanation but every once in a while they tie it all together. Despite being a factory worker, Peter (Seth MacFarlane) always seems to have money for elaborate modes of transportation like the PeterCopter and HindenPeter, which he crashes in his neighbor’s yard in “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire.”

“Oh my God! How can you afford these things,” asks Joe (Patrick Warburton).

We finally get an answer to Peter’s endless money supply in “Meg Stinks!” Meg (Mila Kunis) is the black sheep of the family but Peter bonds with her during a road trip. She enjoys it at first but becomes exhausted from being included in his daily antics. Even something simple like going to the bank, which is shown with the obligatory cutaway.

“Meg, you’ve probably wondered from time to time how I fund all my shenanigans. Well, I’m going to show you,” explains Peter before proceeding to rob the bank.

Meg says she doesn’t want to do it but Peter insists.

“You have to,” Peter tells her. “Next week we’re buying a zebra.”

The episode also features a MegCopter but it will undoubtedly be decommissioned when things return to status quo and Meg goes back to being the black sheep.

Family Guy Meg Copter (Meg Stinks)